March 15 – Deadline for S Corporations, Partnerships, and many LLCs

March 9, 2023
Kayn Ars
Ceptrum Deadline for S Corporations

Just a reminder that if your business is registered as an S Corporation, a Partnership or an LLC that is taxed as a partnership or S Corporation, your tax returns are due on March 15, not April 15. Failing to file on time may result in penalties starting at $220 per owner and doubling the following month if you miss the deadline.

If you haven’t started the process yet, it may be wise to file for an extension. As a new business owner, there are potential deductions available to you that can lead to a larger tax refund. At our Small-Business Tax Specialist, we can help you maximize your deductions and claim your largest refund.

Our tax specialists can guide you through accurately preparing and filing your employees’ W2s, deducting business start-up costs, exploring potential opportunities to deduct your current medical expenses, and determining whether filing a 2553 Entity Classification Election (ECE) is the right move for your business.

We want you to file your taxes with confidence, avoiding potentially costly penalties. Schedule your no-cost one-on-one consultation today!

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