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We love food and numbers! At Ceptrum, we offer bookkeeping for restaurant services ready to give your restaurant the best-tasting financials you could fathom. Our expert bookkeepers will help you increase margins and control prime costs.

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Accounts Payable

  • Invoice Coding & Entry
  • Vendor Payments & Inquiries
  • Statement Reconciliations

Invoices pile up and can be frustrating to deal with after a long day of service. Vendors call looking for payments and asking about skipped invoices. What does cash flow permit to be paid this week?

We take all of this time and concern off of your plate so you can focus on running your restaurant.


  • Prime Cost Reporting
  • Profit & Loss Statements
  • Balance Sheet Reconciliations

Receiving timely financial reporting is crucial so that restaurant owners, chefs, and managers can make decisions to improve prime costs, operational expenses, and the bottom line.

With our weekly and monthly reports, you have a full understanding of your restaurant's financial position.


  • Prime Costs
  • Revenue Change
  • Operational Costs

Because we provide bookkeeping for restaurant clients only, we are able to provide specific real-time financial insight into revenue, cost of goods, and expense trends.

You will see how your revenue, prime costs, and expenses compare against all of our other restaurant clients.

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Outsourcing accounting for restaurants in USA
Real-time updates

Our bookkeeping for restaurants will not only take over your mundane tasks but also help you get real-time information to help form meaningful insights for your business.

Consolidated reporting with actionable insights

Receive consolidated monthly reports for easy benchmarking and comparisons. With custom dashboards built by our data and AI experts, get the business insights you need to take your business to the next level.

Financial technology experts

Experienced with most major POS systems, we work to integrate your sales data directly with your accounting software to minimize data entry, capitalize on automation, and accelerate the delivery of monthly/real time reports.

Ceptrum Client Portal

View your financial position anytime with our full range of easy-to-understand real-time client portal

Daily Scorecard

Daily scorecards are sent to the business owner enlisting various aspects of a business including daily sales, ticket sales, labor sales, and more. Stay proactive with our real-time scorecard reporting which allows you to make informed adjustments to your business as you go.

bookkeeping and accounting for restaurants
reports via client portal

Instant Access to Reports

The Ceptrum client portal sorts and stores all financial reports in categories for easy access and searchability. Access your reports at any time anywhere through our mobile application or online desktop portal. Our portal stores all historical reports which you can generate and download with just the press of a button.

Monitor KPIs and metrics in real-time with our Dashboard

The Ceptrum dashboard allows you to link up all of your services and visualize them in one location. Connect your Facebook and Google advertisements to see their return alongside the overall expenses, ticket sales, and performance of your e-commerce business. The Ceptrum dashboard is your all-inclusive business insights hub.

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Our Clients

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Top Business Owners

Their team streamlined our financial processes and provided us with a clear understanding of our financial health. With their expertise, we are able to make informed decisions and focus on providing exceptional service to our customers.

Alan Beal

Little Caesars

I love the daily scorecard! Inventory management has never been easier. With the real-time updates, I have been able to stay on top of what items need to be reordered and when they need to be reordered.


BK Pizza

I used to struggle with maintaining a record of my financial reports and accounting firms usually need a day’s notice to deliver any report. This is why I love Ceptrum’s portal. I can now make pricing and costing comparisons with previous months to track changes and keep my business on track.


Texas Grill

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Frequently asked questions

What Is Different About restaurant Accounting?

Restaurant accounting services is tailored to the unique financial needs and challenges of the restaurant industry. It involves specialized knowledge in areas such as inventory management, menu costing, tip reporting, and handling multiple revenue sources, among others.

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