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At Ceptrum, we believe that every non-profit's mission is a catalyst for positive change. That's why we're committed to empowering your mission by handling the financial intricacies. Our team is dedicated to understanding the nuances of your organization, allowing you to focus on what you do best – making a real impact on the world. Ceptrum provides the best bookkeeping for nonprofits.

Fund Accounting

Ceptrum excels in fund accounting, ensuring meticulous tracking and management of funds. Our tailored solutions provide transparency and accountability, allowing your non-profit to allocate resources efficiently and demonstrate responsible financial stewardship.

Grant Management

Navigate the complexities of grant management with confidence. Ceptrum streamlines the grant application process, ensuring compliance and optimizing financial reporting for grantors. Our expert support empowers your organization to secure and manage grants seamlessly.

Budgeting and Forecasting

Collaborative budget creation is at the core of our services. Ceptrum facilitates effective budgeting and forecasting, providing your non-profit with the tools to plan for the future. With our support, you can make informed financial decisions that align with your mission and organizational objectives.

Financial Reporting

Timely and accurate financial reporting is paramount. Ceptrum delivers comprehensive financial reports that offer real-time insights. These reports not only fulfill regulatory requirements but also empower your organization with the information needed for strategic decision-making and transparent communication with stakeholders.

Ceptrum: Empowering Your Mission, Elevating Your Impact.

Mission Alignment

Ceptrum ensures that every financial decision is aligned with your non-profit's mission. Our tailored solutions and expert guidance guarantee that your resources are directed toward achieving the greatest positive impact.

Tailored Financial Solutions

Enjoy customized bookkeeping and accounting services designed to meet the specific needs of your non-profit. From fund accounting to grant management, our solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency, transparency, and compliance.

Peace of Mind

With Ceptrum as your financial partner, experience peace of mind knowing that your non-profit's financial health is in capable hands. Our dedicated team allows you to focus on your passion, leaving the worry of financial management to us.

Ceptrum Client Portal

View your financial position anytime with our full range of easy-to-understand real-time client portal

Effortless Nonprofit Tax Compliance with Ceptrum's Annual 990 Filing Services

As your dedicated nonprofit bookkeeper, we take the stress out of tax season by seamlessly handling your annual Charity 990 Tax form. Our comprehensive 990 Tax Preparation Services offer nonprofits a cost-effective solution to ensure compliance. From setting up and maintaining your fiscal records to expertly completing annual Form 990, including variations such as Form 990N (postcard), Form 990T for taxable income, IRS Form 990 EZ and Voluntary, and Form 990PF for private foundations – we professionally manage the entire process, providing peace of mind for nonprofits nationwide. Trust Ceptrum to navigate the complexities of nonprofit tax filing, allowing you to focus on advancing your mission.

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Instant Access to Reports

The Ceptrum client portal sorts and stores all financial reports in categories for easy access and searchability. Access your reports at any time anywhere through our mobile application or online desktop portal. Our portal stores all historical reports which you can generate and download with just the press of a button.

Focus on Impact, Not Numbers

With Ceptrum's Client Portal and Customizable Dashboard, you can effortlessly redirect your energy towards creating a positive impact. Our comprehensive financial services, seamlessly integrated into an intuitive platform, ensure that you have the insights and support necessary to make informed decisions that drive your mission forward. Let us handle the numbers – you focus on changing lives with confidence.

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Ceptrum has been our trusted partner for years, ensuring our nonprofit remains compliant during tax season. Their dedicated team takes care of everything, from maintaining our fiscal records to completing the annual Form 990. Their attention to detail and commitment to compliance is unmatched


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Bookkeeping for nonprofits is crucial for maintaining financial transparency and accountability. It helps organizations track income, expenses, and donations accurately, providing a clear financial picture for stakeholders, donors, and regulatory authorities.

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