January 3, 2023

What is Ceptrum?

Ceptrum is an outsourcing firm that offers tailored bookkeeping services to companies across many industries in the United States. These industries include Restaurant, Auto Repair Shops, E-commerce, and Retail, industry. These services have significantly decreased these companies' overhead costs while assisting them in overcoming challenges.

What is Ceptrum's pricing?

For our bookkeeping services, Ceptrum offers fair and open pricing. Each client's unique needs are considered when determining the price, guaranteeing they obtain cost-effective solutions that fit their wants and their budget.

Is Ceptrum a good Accounting firm?

Ceptrum takes excellent satisfaction in being a trustworthy and capable accounting firm. We work hard to provide top-notch bookkeeping services that satisfy industry standards and go above and beyond customer expectations with the help of our team of skilled specialists.

Is Ceptrum trustworthy?

At Ceptrum, reliability is at the heart of our fundamental beliefs. We recognize the significance of treating sensitive financial information with the highest integrity and secrecy. Customers can count on us to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and trust.

Where is Ceptrum Located?

239 NEW ROAD STE C-205 PARSIPPANY, NJ 07054, is home to Ceptrum.net. Our physical presence allows us to provide localized support and personalized service to businesses in the area. For added accessibility and convenience, we offer remote bookkeeping services, utilizing cutting-edge technology and secure communication channels to interact with clients from anywhere.

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